It’s been a few days…but

We are back!

Hey everyone its been 7 days since my last post and I know thats a long time when you’re only working with 30 days total!

But just because I havent ben posting dosnt mean that I havent been working. In fact the rason that I havent posted in 30 days is that I’ve been working so hard that I havent had time.

So ok what did you miss and what have i done in the last week?? Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Dreamweaver and more Dreamweaver, perhaps just a dash of Fireworks and Photoshop mixed in.

I’ve really put the site together and its starting to actually look like a respectable site. My main problem has been my lack of knowledge of CSS and making things look like I wanted them to in DW. That and at first I was way over ambitious with my design, I not only wanted to build a site I wanted to build the best site on the internet. So take a look at the site and let me know what you think (please SOMEBODY comment for God’s sake)

Anyhow, like I said theres a site that is finally comming together and looking like a real site. Most of the pages dont have good content and thats what we’ll be working on this evening.

Ok Im off to do some more posting on the in’s and out of what I’ve learned about DW so far!

Later Gater


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