Photoshop CS5 #1 – What the heck are layers?

Ok guys I’ve always heard everyone raving about what a powerful program Photoshop is and I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff done with it. But in all honesty my only experience with it was making a fake ID back when I was 18! I have no idea what version of PS it was but since I am 28 now, some quick math tells me 10-11 years ago! BTW the fake ID worked a few times 😉

So for the tale of Matt I wanted to make a header image. I originally started out thinking I was going to make this wild “Most Interesting Man In the World” themed banner, complete with old school office and crazy eclectic trinkets collecte from all over the world. Then after two days of pulling my hair out, reality hit me right in the face. A voice came to me and said it said “matt wake up” it was a voice of insiration soft and soothing and it said again “matt wake up!” and was it the voice of God reaching down to me? It said one more time with authority “MATT WAKE UP YOU’RE DROOLING ON THE KEYBOARD!” Turns out it was just my wife wondering why I hadnt come to bed.

But before I went off to sleep I did realize something…Sometimes Simple is Better. So the next morning I set out to make a simple and nice header image banner for The Tale of Matt. I had two conditions #1 Only one Color #2 It had to have my picture on it! 😀

Picture implied Photo and Photo implied Photoshop. So thus it began my frst tangle with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and this time there would be no fake ID.

Take a look at my website and you can see the end result
Here’s how I did it and the cool things I learned in the process:

Step 1: Open a photo in Photoshop (easy enuf)

With this picture I wanted to keep me and cut out all the background. After watching some videos on Adobe TV  I figured this was a job for the new quick selection tool (on the left hand side under the laso thing) With this you just brush around the image and PS highlights the objects that you want to select. If it guesses wrong you can use the add or minus brushes at the top to refine the selection. Once you have it just right, hit delete if you selected the background or cut and paste if like me you selected me! 🙂

Step two: Delete BG and resize and flip image

Using controls to modify the new image

Here I shrunk the image down to a size that I liked 300px high and flipped it to match my page. So far so good!

Step 3: Apply a Cool Filter and make it match my website!

Photoshop CS5 Screen Shot

Applying a Graphic Pen Filter

The only other thing I did was to use the color replacement brush to convert the white you see in the picture into a grey color to match my background of my site. Here is the video i watched to learn how this is done Color Repacement Tool: Youtube Tutorial

Ok that was pretty easy! To input it to the rest of the banner I used Fireworks. Ill show you that in the next tutorial. But for now jsut play arround with CS5 open up a photo and see how crazy you ca make it look. Then watch some youtube videos to learn stuff. Thats it for now!

Score Me-1 vs. PS-0



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