Dreamweaver CS5 #4: Creating a Contact Page

Hey C-You Too Buddy!!!! You can take this page and shove it!

Those two statement pretty much wrap up how I feel about a contact page. But I stated in the deliverables of TheTaleofMatt that I would include a contact page. Its a good idea and a nice feature to have but setting one up is not so intuitive. But none the less I managed to pull it off just this morning. With one small catch!

Ok so if you have ever used a contact page then you may not have realized that little page is using a “form” to send your information to the site person (owner/webmaster/whoever). forms need special code called scripts running on the server to tell the server what to do with the information.

For Example: Once you click submit…the webpage sends the info to the server and puts it into a script that adds that info to a database or maybe formats that info into and email and then forwards it along or maybe both. The trouble with this is that scripting is a little out of the realm of the beginner. Although there are tutorials out there that can help you.

I just took some time and build the Contact form. To do that I did it just like this fellow

My form came out really nice looking and was a snap to implement. the only problem I ran into with CS5 was the aligning of the columns withing the table. to do this click on select column then instead of using the properties inspector, right click and select align (left or right)

My form came out really nice but it still doesnt work because I dont have the server side script to back it up. I took a look at my cPanel from my hosting company and they have software that is a “simple script” that allows you to create forms etc. I am going to try and install this and see if I can use it to get the form up and running. Ill let you know how it turns out.

Other than that if any of you know how I can create a simple self written script that will take the data and email it to me then please chime in.

thanks and have a nice day! (Only 9 Days LEFT!!! Adobe Save ME)



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