Dreamweaver #5: Contact Page Working!

Holy freaking dog snot! That was a real pain but I am happy to report that the contact me page at the Tale of Matt is now working!

See for yourself!: http://www.thetaleofmatt.com/Contact/contact.html send me a message and I will respond!

Ok here is how I did it, thank in large part to a video tutorial by tutvid here is the link and he helped build the form

Then he shows you hoe to script it! (WARNING: there is an error in this video, he saves the variables to $namefield but then mistakenly inputes them as $name) Be cautious of this because I mispelled something and it took me 5 hours to sort it out! Yeesh but I finaly got it working.

BTW this guy Nate has been a great help. Id love to hear your thoughts as to what you like and what you dont like so far. Also, please relay this info to Adobe if you have enjoyed this project we only have a few days left and I dont want to lose Adobe CS5.

Thanks Guys!


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