One last note on DW!

Well everyone my trial of CS5 is sadly coming to an end and there is still so much I have yet to explore.

I will however leave you with one parting gift of Dreamweaver. That gift is the References panel! You can access the references panel by going to the Window>Results>Reference (sorry I cant give a screen shot because my trial has ended and DW is now locked)

The references panel is quite a helpful little tool that I wish I had known about earlier. When you open it, it allows you to search for terms and tags in various languages. Yo can look up, as I did for example the “iframe” tag.

This little gem is something I learned quite late in the game but Im sure it will be a crutch that as a beginner I will heavily lean on if I ever get back into DW.

Enjoy and have a great day! Thanks everyone for your support and comments!


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