Our time is up…:(

Well folks its official my trial use of the Adobe CS5 software has come to an end. Its really an unfortunate and saddening day as there was soo much more I wanted to show you all and there was literally not enough time to get to all the things I thought I could.

While you were just spectating here on the blog we actually did accomplish quite a bit during the trial period. We created a website completely from scratch and while it still has a good way to good, I think it’s quite a spectacular site considering the amount of information I had to learn to put it together. It has a nice photo gallery, a complete blog and an interactive contact form. To me it was a little like creating a sculpture from a solid block of clay. You work it with your hands and mold it to become what you want it to be. To see how far I’ve been able to come in just 30 days not only learning DW but learning HTML and CSS and scripting as well, I am quite proud of what I have put together. However, along those same lines it makes it all that much more difficult to learn that DW will be going away as I cannot afford the software on m own.

Part of me feels like I let some of you down as readers. I made a pledge to you to try and learn as much of CS5 and bring it to you as possible and I have barely scratched the surface. I wanted to cover in depth PS, FW, Flash Catalyst, Bridge, and an unexpected gem that I found Lightroom. For this I apologize and regret that I cannot learn and teach you more! I did however learn a lot and I hope that you enjoyed our short stay together.

I hope that at least from my attempt that you take something away with you and that is confidence. I went into this challenge knowing almost nothing about Adobe CS and even less about internet programming, now Im walking away 30 days later and I realize that with a little effort its really not that difficult to learn. I have learned enough to see mistakes that I made at the beginning and am now piecing things together in my head and have thoughts like “oh ok…if I want to do ___ I could just use this ___ ” I also learned that there is TONs of support for you out there on anything you are trying to do. Just go to YouTube and type in something like “DW setting up a website” or “changing eye color in Photoshop” and you’ll no doubt find a tutorial or 100 on that very topic where someone will walk you through it.

So if you are new and a little worried that CS5 might now be the way to go or nervous about spending money on something you dont need or will be unable to learn, forget it! CS5 is a wonderful piece of software and learning it isnt that difficult…time consumin maybe but not difficult once you get a feel for it. I highly recommend and I’ll be spending the next 6 months or so trying to figure out a way to raise enough money to afford buying it myself.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all of you who tuned in to watch my progress in this experiment. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Id also like to thank adobe and the CS5 team. You have been nothing but supportive and I honestly can see ad appreciate all the hard work you have done to make this software suite as well rounded and seamless as it is.

I invite you all to keep in touch and feel free to check out the www.TheTale ofMatt.com from time to time to keep up with how Im doing.

Thanks again Everyone!


Signing off…


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