Thanks Adobe Creative Suite, we’re not done yet!

Ok hey I just wanted to give you all some good news and say thanks to some followers!

Turns out that yesterday I got a message from the Adobe Creative Suite team saying thanks for the blog. They even offered to pass along a t-shirt for the effort. For me this is fantastic and I just wanted to let you guys know about it as well.

While we were all hoping for an activation code to fall from the sky, I think a t-shirt is the next best thing. Whats more gratifying than that however is just the fact that someone from Adobe took the time to stop and say “hey man good job”. I sincerely appreciate that, it lets me know that all this was not done in vain.

I would had to apologize to those guys and you readers as well for not giving you more output. In hindsight all the CS5 applications were a snap, I just let myself get mired down in the programming and coding aspects. That in turn ate up a lot of my time that should have been spent on exploring CS5 applications. In all honesty I did learn much more and go much deeper than is indicated in this blog, as I learned things however I was making mistakes left and right.  Then to write about what I learned effectively so that you all could make sense of it I needed to go back and do proper writeups rather than just pressing buttons and hoping things worked. But then I just ran out of time.

Ok so anyways, thanks again everyone! I’ll keep working on Adobe…maybe I can come up with something that would interest them and perhaps buy myself some more time with CS5. If so we’ll pick right back up where we left off and I’ll go back to the task of conquering CS5 for your pleasure. Although I might need to change the name of this blog to CS5in300Days! lol

Ok Later Gater


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