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Adobe CS5 Ask a Pro

I just wanted to say thanks to all of the Pros Today at the Adobe CS5 ask a  pro session.

As a beginner and a solo travler in this mission I got a lot of support and good advice. If some of my readers didn’t get the invitation you need to subscribe to their facebook pages here:

Adobe CS5

Adobe PhotoShop CS5

and more here

Thanks Everyone


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A Question on Credibility

Ok so after I got all set up last night I got a question from a member of one of the Adobe Boards. I thought It was a pretty good question and since its relevant I think it should probably be posted on the blog for all to see.
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Day 1 Update: Getting Set Up

Day 1 Update – 26 Days Remaining on Trial CS5

Ok so first thing is first. This is day 1 but in all actuality its day 4 because of a few reason. When I first downloaded CS5 I had not yet come up with this idea, Day 2 was spent formulating the plan and Day 3 was spent putting the pieces together and notifying the appropriated people of what the heck I was doing.

So, its already Day 4 (26 Days Left Remaining) and I have barely opened the trial software. But dont worry because we’ve already come along way towards our goal. So heres what I’ve done so far and Im sorry that not much of it has involved CS5.

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